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Digiwonder is a digital marketing agency based in Bandung, Indonesia. We make innovations for your company through social media account. We serve social media content creation & marketing service. We provide one stop solution for your social media channels, especially for instagram and facebook.

Our Services

Social Media Management

  • Monthly content plan
  • Copywriting & scheduling
  • Dedicated admin

Photography & Videography

  • Shooting concept
  • Studio/outdoor photoshoot
  • Post-processing

Digital Activation

  • Monthly campaigns
  • Ads management
  • Monthly report


Anisa Azizah - CEO of Tech Prom Lab

"Wah kalian serius ya" "Udah established ya Tech Prom Lab?"

adalah beberapa komentar teman-teman dan juga calon customer kami ketika melihat social media Tech Prom Lab. Padahal kami masih perusahaan pemula yang terseok-seok, namun karena "wajah" kami yang bagus di social media, calon customer pun memercayai kami.



Ayam Bang Dava

Fried chicken with various kind of sauce

Bandrek Hanjuang

Brewed beverage products in sachets

Mie Saus Ahoy

A noodle with various kind of sauce

Cilok Sae

A snack with various kind of sauce

Neuro Summit

I Can Do

Digital education software for kids

Vigor & Sage

Petfood brand

Tech Prom Lab

A research start-up from Indonesia, focusing on practical technology innovation, for sustainable development

Purr Purr

An ambassador for cat necklaces

Safor Cloth

A distro based in Bandung

TIMS Clothing

A distro based in Bandung

Al Kausar

An islamic boarding school based in Sukabumi

Cat Fanciers Association

An association that registering the cat pedigree


An internet of thing (IOT) based tracking system

Gauth Math

AI Calculator: Snap, learn, and master Math with your own math expert.

Kitchen Flavor

Nature Bridge

Petfood brand


Food brand

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